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Project Description

It all started when I bought my first home and started furnishing it, I searched all over the Internet and started shopping for the furnishings for my new home.

I found that most of the French chic style furniture available was “Spanish” style. It was furniture made to look Chic but was oversized, cheaply made with pine wood, painted white, and finished off with chunky appliques.

I sought out a local quality craftsman I knew and trusted and located superior materials to create the genuinely authentic look I desired for my home and started furnishing it.

After my furniture was delivered, I bought bedding and linens online for the newly decorated rooms and started selling the ones I didn’t want or need on eBay. After months of buying and selling, I realized I was getting more emails about the furniture that displayed the bedding than the bedding itself!

More Details

  • Category : e-Commerce
  • Client : Bella
  • Location : California, USA
  • Completed Date : 2021
  • Skills : Shopify, MySQL, jQuery, HTML, CSS

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